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1. General

Please ensure that you are properly shod and equipped for the walk you decide to undertake, and that the selected walk is within your capabilities. The walk leader will take every possible care to ensure your enjoyment and safety on a walk, but ultimately you are responsible for your own safety. You are also responsible for arranging your own Personal Accident Insurance. Leaders have the right to refuse to take any walker who, in their opinion, appears not to be adequately prepared for the conditions likely to be encountered.

Each walk leader has taken a lot of care in planning the walk, and has assessed the speed at which his/her group can comfortably complete it. Please respect the leader's wishes in this respect and walk 'with the leader' at the pace he/she sets.

If you find you are experiencing any difficulties on the walk, please say so, so that the leader can make a decision as to whether to slow down or shorten the walk, but please try not to join a walk which is beyond your capabilities on the day. Please, do not under any circumstances leave a walk without the full agreement of the leader.

It can be equally difficult for a leader when more able walkers (who would perhaps be more suited to a more strenuous walk) forge ahead at a faster pace than the leader wishes. There are of course times on a walk when it can be perfectly acceptable for some walkers to be ahead of the leader, but this should always be only with the agreement of the leader.

2. On the Coach

Please leave the front near side seats on the coach for the coach leader, and the front off-side seat for the Booking Officer. Any requests to the driver should be directed through the coach leader.

For reasons of safety and comfort, rucksacks are required to travel in the boot of the coach, and walking boots are not allowed to be worn for the homeward journey. For the same reasons we cannot allow dogs on the coaches or on the walks.

Please ensure that, before boarding the coach for the return journey, you complete your booking for the next ramble. Please try to be back from your cup of tea of pint in plenty of time to book for the next coach in order not to delay the departure of the coach.

2. New Leaders

New walk leaders are always welcome and indeed essential. All our more experienced leaders are more than willing to help with 'first time' leaders, so don't be afraid to ask for help to 'have a go'. Ask a leader to take you with them on a recce, or to help you with your own walk plan. Planning and recce'ing a walk can be great fun, and very rewarding when everything goes to plan! Get together with a friend and plan a walk between you. Maps and previous coach notes are available for loan from the walks' co-ordinator.

August 2015

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