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Data Protection Procedures

To meet the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998, all personal data held by the Club must meet the following Principles of Good Practice, whether processed on paper or by computer
Data is Fairly and lawfully processed.
Data may only be used where either (a) the individual has given his or her consent, or (b) it is necessary to pursue the legitimate interests of the Club.

All members should be told when they join the Club that their personal data may be processed by computer. Application for Membership forms should be retained as confirmation of this for so long as the individual maintains their membership.

Data is processed for Limited Purposes.
Data may only be used in connection with Club activities -
Data is Adequate, Relevant and not Excessive
Personal data held about members must be restricted to -
Data is Accurate
The data will be obtained from members themselves and must be recorded accurately. Members are responsible for notifying changes of address etc., but where data is found to be inaccurate, corrected data must be verified with the member.
Data is Secure.
Computer data should be held in protected files and stored in secure conditions.

Membership lists should be made available only to Club committee members for use only on legitimate Club matters and retained only for so long as they remain Committee members.

Paper records, in particular membership lists, should be kept in such a way that they cannot reasonably fall into unauthorised hands. They must be shredded or mutilated before disposal so that personal data cannot reasonably be reconstructed from the remains.

Data is not kept longer than necessary.
Membership subscriptions fall due in June each year and members may renew their membership until the end of September (i.e. the 'End of September' coach ramble). At this point

Individuals who wish to 'renew' their membership after this date must complete new Application for Membership forms.

Data held in respect of non-members who join coach rambles should be deleted as soon as their involvement with the Club has passed.

Data Subjects' Rights
Personal data must not be disclosed to any person or organisation outside the Club without the specific permission of the individual/s concerned.

Membership records must not be used by Club members or Club Committee members or any other person or organisation to offer unsolicited goods or services to members, but the Club may use the membership lists to notify members of normal Club activities and Club administration activities.

Any member who requests details of their personal data held by the Club shall be provided with a copy of their computer record and membership application within 21 days.

Note that it is, strictly, an offence for any personal data about a member to be given to another member except for the purpose of conducting legitimate Club activities.

July 2001
Amended April 2012

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