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Child Protection Policy

Walking with Skelmersdale Ramblers is generally a pastime for adult Club members. Adult members may bring with them on walks up to 2 children under 16 who are related to them but must accept full responsibility for them at all times. They must also nominate an alternative adult member who will take responsibility for the child(ren) should the need arise. Both adults and the child(ren) must of course be on the same walk.

To ensure that the Leader of the walk is aware of the circumstances, the member should complete the form below, show it to the Leader - accompanied by the alternative carer - before the start of the walk, and retain it for the rest of the day.

The Club and its committee members and walks leaders cannot accept any responsibility for looking after children under 16, nor can unaccompanied children be allowed on the Club's walks.

October 2015

Download Children Form (src_care1.doc - MS Word 97-2003 format)

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