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Walks are usually on the last Sunday of the month but may be changed to avoid Bank Holidays and to spread them evenly through the year.

Details of our walks are not finalised until the week before the walk; Coach Notes for our rambles are usually available during the week before the walk.

INDEX to Locations of Walks

20/01/19Frodsham Cheshire | 28/07/19 Tideswell Derbyshire
24/02/19 Rivington Lancashire | 01/09/19 Malham Derbyshire
31/03/19 Ruthin Wales | 29/09/19 Ambleside Cumbria
28/04/19 Grange-over-Sands Cumbria | 29/10/19    
02/06/19 Eyam Derbyshire | 26/11/19    
30/06/19 Pateley Bridge Yorkshire | 00/12/19    
21/01/18Uppermill Lancashire | 29/07/18Elterwater Cumbria
25/02/18Slaidburn Lancashire | 02/09/18Haworth Yorkshire
25/03/18Hurst Green Lancashire | 30/09/18Hollingworth Lake Greater Manchester
29/04/18Ingleton Yorkshire | 28/10/18Staveley Cumbria
03/06/18Coniston Cumbria | 25/11/18Downham Lancashire
01/07/18Hartington Derbyshire | 09/12/18 Christmas Lunch The Farmers Arms, Bispham
22/01/17Skipton Yorkshire | 30/07/17Baslow Derbyshire
26/02/17Rawtenstall Lancashire | 20/08/17Clapham Yorkshire
26/03/17Settle Yorkshire | 24/09/17Hawkshead Cumbria
23/04/17Holmfirth Yorkshire | 29/10/17Hebden Bridge Yorkshire
21/05/17Sedbergh Cumbria | 26/11/17Chester Cheshire
25/06/17Keswick Cumbria | 00/12/17    
24/01/16Kendal Cumbria | 31/07/16Glenridding Cumbria
28/02/16Cartmel Cumbria | 04/09/16Ilkley Yorkshire
03/04/16Hayfield Derbyshire | 25/09/16Kirkby Lonsdale Cumbria
24/04/16Castleton Derbyshire | 30/10/16Garstang Lancashire
22/05/16Kettlewell Yorkshire | 27/11/16West Kirby Cheshire
26/06/16Llandudno N. Wales | 11/12/16 Christmas Lunch  
25/01/15Arnside Cumbria | 26/07/15Hawes Yorkshire
22/02/15Ramsbottom Lancs | 23/08/15Bakewell Derbyshire
29/03/15Chirk N Wales | 27/09/15Grasmere Cumbria
26/04/15Grassington Yorkshire | 25/10/15Scorton Lancashire
31/05/15Matlock Bath Derbyshire | 29/11/15Delamere Cheshire
28/06/15Church Stretton Shropshire | 13/12/15Christmas Social  
26/01/14Saltaire Yorkshire | 27/07/14Eyam Derbyshire
23/02/14Todmorden Yorkshire | 31/08/14Appleby Cumbria
30/03/14Colwyn Bay N Wales | 28/09/14Chipping Lancashire
27/04/14Pooley Bridge Cumbria | 26/10/14Llangollen N Wales
01/06/14Buxton Derbyshire | 30/11/14Waddington Lancs
29/06/14Oswestry Shropshire | 04/01/15Barrowford Lancs
27/01/13Grange over Sands Cumbria | 28/07/13Llanberis N.Wales
24/02/13Ruthin N.Wales | 01/09/13Hathersage Derbyshire
24/03/13Ambleside Cumbria | 29/09/13Staveley Cumbria
28/04/13Malham Yorkshire | 27/10/13Ambleside Cumbria
02/06/13Tideswell Derbyshire | 24/11/13Beeston Cheshire
30/06/13Kirkby Stephen Cumbria | 05/01/14Loggerheads N.Wales
29/01/12Ribchester Lancashire | 29/07/12Ilam Staffordshire
26/02/12Kendal Cumbria | 02/09/12Pateley_Bridge Yorkshire
25/03/12Haworth Yorkshire | 30/09/12Betws y Coed N. Wales
29/04/12Malham Yorkshire | 28/10/12Bolton Abbey Yorkshire
27/05/12Hawkshead Cumbria | 25/11/12Barley Lancashire
01/07/12Ironbridge Shropshire | 06/01/13Rivington Lancashire
30/01/11West Kirby Cheshire | 31/07/11Coniston Cumbria
27/02/11Skipton Yorkshire | 21/08/11Clapham Yorkshire
27/03/11Saltaire Yorkshire | 25/09/11Hartington Derbyshire
01/05/11Frodsham Cheshire | 30/10/11Settle Yorkshire
29/05/11Shap Cumbria | 27/11/11Downham Lancashire
26/06/11Baslow Derbyshire | 08/01/12Garstang Lancashire
Extra Mid-monthly Walks
12/06/11Uppermill Lancashire | 10/07/11Bakewell Derbyshire
31/01/10Arnside Cumbria | 25/07/10Castleton Derbyshire
28/02/10Kirkby Lonsdale Cumbria | 22/08/10Kettlewell Yorkshire
28/03/10Ilkley Yorkshire | 26/09/10Ingleton Yorkshire
25/04/10Conwy N.Wales | 31/10/10Cartmel Cumbria
23/05/10Keswick Cumbria | 28/11/10Delamere Cheshire
27/06/10Glenridding Cumbria | 09/01/11Styal Cheshire
Extra Mid Monthly Walks
13/06/10Ambleside Cumbria | 05/09/10Arnside Cumbria
11/07/10Bolton Abbey Yorkshire | 10/10/10Rivington Lancashire
08/08/10Loggerheads N. Wales |      
01/02/09Barrowford Lancashire | 26/07/09Sedbergh Cumbria
01/03/09Buxton Derbyshire | 23/08/09Staveley, Cumbria
29/03/09Grassington Yorkshire | 27/09/09Llangollen N.Wales
26/04/09Grasmere Cumbria | 25/10/09Slaidburn Lancashire
31/05/09Hawes Yorkshire | 29/11/09Hurst Green Lancashire
28/06/09Bakewell Derbyshire | 03/01/10Rivington Lancashire
27/01/08Scorton Lancashire | 27/07/08Settle Yorkshire
24/02/08Skipton Yorkshire | 31/08/08Chipping Lancashire
30/03/08Eyam Derbyshire | 28/09/08Hebden Bridge Yorkshire
27/04/08Arnside Cumbria | 26/10/08Loggerheads N.Wales
01/06/08Haworth Yorkshire | 30/11/08Ribchester Lancashire
29/06/08Ambleside, Cumbria | 04/01/09Beeston Cheshire
28/01/07Ramsbottom Lancashire | 29/07/07Malham Yorkshire
25/02/07Kirkby Lonsdale Cumbria | 02/09/07Betws-y-Coed N.Wales
25/03/07Bolton Abbey Yorkshire | 30/09/07Church Stretton Shropshire
29/04/07Grassington Yorkshire | 28/10/07Hollingworth Lake Manchester
20/05/07Glenridding Cumbria | 25/11/07Prestatyn N.Wales
24/06/07Hartington Derbyshire | 06/01/08Barley Lancashire


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