Skelmersdale Rambling Club


Strenuous Leader: Jean Thomas     Distance: 10 miles
From Scorton village, we walk along Snowhill Lane, through Wyresdale Park to Foxhouses, past the Fisheries, coming out on to the lane at Street Bridge. We turn right to Bracken Lea and to a path which will lead us to Harrisend Fell and Grizedale Bridge. Up the lane now until we pass Grizedale Lea Reservoir and follow farm tracks to Burns Farm, then Higher Lane and back to Scorton.
Moderate Leader: Chris Cox     Distance: 8 miles
Scorton - Snowhill Lane - Nicky Nook - Fell End Farm - Harrisend Fell - Foxhouses Brook - Taylors Farm - Wyre Lake - Ashbournes - Scorton Lake - Scorton.
I hope the rain has stopped for a few days before we go on this walk, otherwise expect wet and muddy going! We tackle the only hill I could find, Nicky Nook, but it's not a steep climb, just enough to get your heart going! The walk takes us over farm and fell land, and we cross the River Wyre a couple of times on the route. As always, the weather will decide how much fun we have.
Leisurely Leader: Derek Lee     Distance : 7 miles
A short sharp 200 feet climb will take us out of the village and under the motorway. This is shortly followed by an easier 250 feet climb up the length of Grizedale valley. After a brief respite, another 200 feet climb to the east of Fell End to enjoy the views of Morecambe bay. For the second half of the walk it's downhill (nearly) all the way, coming close to the river near Wyre Lake then following easy footpaths back to Scorton.
Easy Leader: Denise Holden     Distance: approx. 5 miles
Starting from The Priory we will go up a steep incline up Snowhill Lane (sorry, but this is the only steep hill). The rest of the walk is pretty much flat, taking in extensive views of Wyresdale Lake, the Fylde Plain, and Morecambe Bay.


Strenuous Leader: Jackie Gudgeon   Distance: 11 miles
The strenuous party today will leave the coach at East Marton, about six miles before Skipton. We will start the walk along the Leeds Liverpool Canal for about one mile, then follow the Pennine Way over to Thornton-in-Craven and then to the top of Pinhaw Beacon (388 metres). This is the highest point of the walk, then we descend through Carleton-in-Craven, finishing off with another short stretch of the canal into Skipton. Fairly undulating walk, usual amounts of mud.
Moderate Leader: Jim & Ramlah Eaton   Distance: 8 miles
The highlight of this walk will be the gentle climb up Sharp Haw - a mini mountain in the midst of Flasby Fell. This is a very beautiful and scenic area with splendid views of Pendle, Boulsworth and Buckden Pike. Those of you in the know can point them out to us! We reach this area by carefully crossing a bypass out of town and then scuttling across the golf course (taking heed of the warning signs and cries of "Bloody ramblers!"). Leaving the muttering golfers behind us we then whiz down a lane and cross (care again) the busy Grassington-Skipton road. Finally reaching the glorious Flasby Fell area. After doing Sharp Haw and the panoramic views we will descend into a sheltered woodland area where we may pause for lunch. Then, via woodland trail, fields, stiles and country lanes we make it back to Skipton to partake of the surfeit of Pubs, Cafes and chippies. Great end to a great day.
Leisurely Leader: Philomena Walker   Distance : 7.5 miles
We start off with a bit of a steep climb up to the golf course - this is the steepest climb of the day . We continue over fields and stiles, plus mud, towards Sharp Haw but we pass this by, leaving the moderate walkers to ascend to the trig point. We will now walk through woods (there are amaizing views all round this area) before making our way back to Skipton. If we can find the path we may make a trip to Flasby.
Easy Leader: Sue Beeley   Distance: 5 miles
Todays walk will take us to two lovely villages, Stirton and Thorlby. The scenery around is outstanding. On the return we will follow the canal path back into Skipton (save your bread for the swans). The terrain is mostly flat, however in some areas it can be quite muddy.

EYAM : 30TH MARCH 2008

Strenuous Leader: Jimmy Need   Distance: 10-11 miles
Today's walk starts with a gentle climb up to Mompesson's Well; we then make our way over Eyam Moor to Hazelford Hall. From here we make our way down the lovely valley with the summit of Bole Hill to our left and Smelting Hill to our right, names which, together with that of Leadmill Bridge, make clear the area's industrial past. Then, if you all behave yourselves, we will have a little detour?? After this, we do the last bit of the walk up a hill, but this is no ordinary hill, this is Sir William Hill. We then pass the Ladywash Mine, still extracting fluorspar from 800 ft down. We conclude today's walk with a nice little amble down to Eyam for well deserved refreshments.
Moderate PLUS Leader: Jackie Gudgeon   Distance: 9 miles
Eyam - Riley Graves - Stoney Middleton - Coombs Dale - Middleton Moor - Castlegate Stud Farm - Foolow - Eyam.
From Eyam we will visit the Riley Graves en route to Stoney Middleton, before dropping down to Coombs Dale, out past what seems to be a large flooded quarry and through fields and stiles through Foolow and back to Eyam. Quite a bit of up and down through a very varied landscape. Will probably be muddy along the field paths.
Moderate Leader: Ruth Melling & Hazel Anderton   Distance: 7-8 miles
Eyam - Sir William Hill - Eyam Moor - Stoke Ford - Bretton Clough - Eyam Edge - Eyam.
A pleasant walk, past the Llama farm, through fields, past streams on to the hill top with lovely views of Eyam and the surrounding district, and back into the very interesting village of Eyam.
Leisurely Leader: Ramlah Eaton   Distance : 6 miles
Eyam - Darlton Quarry - Black Harry Lane - Rough Side - Coombs Dale - Stoney Middleton - Top Riley - Riley Graves - Eyam.
From the village we pass through a quarry and circle round via tracks, fields and stiles until we get to the pretty village of Stoney Middleton. Here we can take a bit of time to view the church, the Roman baths, and investigate the warm water of a small spring. Claimed to be a constant 63 deg F. it's a bit of a geological anomaly. From here we have a steep climb to do, up to a good view of the surrounding area. Then we shall go and see the famous Riley Graves, a tragic link to the Black Death that visited these parts over 300 years ago, Finally, we make our way down to the village again, and maybe visit the "Miners Arms" - other watering holes and cafes are also available.
Easy Leader: Adelaide Houghton   Distance: 5.5 miles
Eyam - Foolow - Bretton - King William Hill - Eyam.
Starting at Eyam, we take road and field paths uphill to Foolow - plenty of stops. Then road walking to Bretton and King William Hill before dropping down through fields and minor roads back to Eyam. Field paths will be muddy.


Strenuous Leader: Jean Thomas   Distance: 10 miles
From Arnside, along the shore to New Barns and then round past Arnside Point, through Hollins Farm (caravan park), up through Arnside Knott Woods and down to Arnside Tower. Round Middle Barrow Plain and King William Hill, then taking path beside the railway line to Black Dyke and back to Arnside.
Moderate Leader: Adelaide Houghton   Distance: 8 miles
Starting from Arnside, we follow the rocky shoreline to New Barns (tide permitting), through caravan site and Arnside Park Woods to Far Arnside and Silverdale (for lunch). Turning via Middle Barrow caravan park, Arnside Tower, and Copridding Wood and back to Arnside. Woodland, field paths and tracks. Can be slippy in wet weather.
Leisurely Leader: Ruth Melling & Hazel Anderton   Distance : approx 7 miles
A lovely walk along the beach to begin with on the estuary of the River Kent, up through the caravan park (possible toilet and coffee stop) before walking through the woods to Arnside Knott. Wonderful views of the estuary and the railway bridge across the estuary, before coming back along the promenade to Arnside.
Extra Leisurely Walk. Leader: Jackie Gudgeon   Distance: 6 miles
Setting off from Arnside promenade, up past the coastguard station and the youth hostel, then following lane and track to the foot of Arnside Knott. A very steep but mercifully short climb takes us to a fantastic viewpoint and then across to the summit of Arnside Knott. Down through the woods and across to the hamlet of Black Dyke, from where we follow the railway line and woodland to Arnside Tower. Back to Arnside through Copridding Wood and the beach. Please note this is a leisurely walk and will be taken at a leisurely pace, with plenty of time to "admire the view" on the short climb.
Easy Leader: Philomena Walker   Distance: 4.5 miles
Leaving the Pier and treading carefully, we make our way along he rocky foreshore towards a surfaced track, through a caravan park, and onto a grassy trail leading to the woodland path along the top of the cliff, with views of Morecambe Bay to our right.
On reaching Far Arnside a stroll along a lane will bring us to the driveway of a caravan park (a nice place for lunch). From here we cross pastureland to pick up the path through Copridding Woods down to New Barns and back to Arnside. Taking our time, we can admire the impressive views all around this area.
The ascent to the cliff path is very gradual, and taken at an easy pace.


Strenuous Leader: Rowland Nock     Distance: 10 miles
From the car park we head out round Haworth Church and then off towards Penistone Hill along the Milennium Way. We then join the Bronte Way via the beautiful Bronte waterfalls and onto the Withins ruins, reputed to be the setting for Wuthering Heights. We then retrace our steps for a short while and head off round Harbour Hill via Harbour Lodge over Haworth Moor. We then wend our way through the beautiful Yorkshire countryside towards Oxenhope, From Oxenhope we return to Haworth following the river and the steam railway, as used in the film the "Railway Children". Hopefully there will be time for a well earned tea and tiffin in Haworth.
Moderate Leader: Sue Daniels     Distance: 8.5 miles
The walk follows the Worth Way for the whole of the day. From Haworth we make our way over to Oakworth where the views look down on to the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway and the River Worth. Actually the views of the whole surrounding area are great and if you look to the right you can see the hill we will be ascending which has a fairly steep climb for about 15 minutes. The day of the pre-walk was dry so cannot say if the paths will be muddy if it's raining on the day, but from what I could tell they seem fairly solid. Only about three or four stiles to climb over but one rather narrow gap which requires a lot of breathing in!! All in all, a very pleasant and interesting walk.
Leisurely Leader: Maurice Hall     Distance : 7.5 miles
We head for Bronte Moor and rest a while at the Bronte Seat, South Dean Beck. Moving on to Top Withens, we then walk Pennine Way to Lower Heights Farm, descending to the village of Stanbury. We cross the dam of Laithe Reservoir for return leg to Haworth. No Wuthering Heights and no Heathcliffs. Gradual gradients, open moorland, plenty of Jane Eyre. Subarashi!
Easy Leader: Norma Carmichael     Distance: 5-6 miles
Starting from the Church, we follow the footpath past the cemetery. Keeping to the footpath we turn right past the farm - slight incline. We can take our time following this path which opens out onto open ground. Keeping on this path which may be uneven in parts we continue towards Brontes Chair and Falls, passing an old farm house on the right. Once we reach the Falls we stop for lunch. We continue uphill (a gradual climb) over two fields and stiles past Lower Withens onto part of the Pennine Way. We are on even surface for a mile or two coming down towards Stanbury village where, time permitting, we can stop for toilet and refreshment, which may be obtained at the local pub. Then onto the last leg through the village back to Haworth. Mostly an even path but a short part of the walk may be on the road.


Strenuous Leader: Selwyn Williams     Distance: About 8 miles, climbing around 2500 feet
We leave Ambleside, walking quite steeply up the Struggle for about a mile until we can get off road. A steep climb follows up to Red Screes, but with time aplenty to turn back and look at the increasingly stunning views back over Ambleside and Lake Windermere beyond.
At the trig point, we head off to descend to the head of the Scandale Pass, then follow the valley down to High Sweden Bridge and Low Sweden back to Ambleside via The Golden Rule, entering by the front door quaffing a pint of Hartleys XB at the bar and exiting via the beer garden, to return to the coach to pay for your next exciting outing brought to you courtesy of the Skelmersdale Rambling Club. (the more sober amongst you can do the tea and scones variation at the end of this route).
Although this walk is steep, there is plenty of time in which to do the walk so you won't be rushed.
Moderate Leader: Jackie Gudgeon     Distance: 8.5 miles
As there are no toilets actually in the coach park, will moderate walkers please stay by the coach until the group is formed, at which time we will set off towards Rothay Park where we will pass some toilets. Our pause here is followed by a walk through the park then by a short steep climb to Brow Head Farm where we branch off to visit the attractive little Lily Tarn on Loughrigg Fell. Skirting the main bulk of Loughrigg Fell, we pass Loughrigg Tarn and the grounds of High Close Youth Hostel to join Loughrigg Terrace with lovely views over Grasmere. Down to the end of Rydal Water to cross the River Rothay and up to join the Coffin Route to Rydal Hall. From here we will descend to cross the A591 and Pelker Bridge to follow a minor road back to Ambleside.
Leisurely Leader: Sue Daniels     Distance : 7 miles
From Ambleside we have a short walk on the main road before we branch off and follow a good track through to Rydal Hall. There is a tea room and toilets here and depending on the size of the party, we may be able to have a quick stop! From the hall, we take the Coffin track from which there are lovely views of Rydal Water to our left. We amble on and drop down to cross the River Rothay and have a brief glimpse of Grasmere before a short climb up to the first part of Loughrigg Terrace where the path passes Rydal Caves. Then we walk down hill and follow the road which runs along the river and back into Ambleside through the park. Plenty of gentle ups and downs but no long hills to climb.
Extra Leisurely Walk Leader: Derek Lee     Distance: 6 miles
After a leisurely start as far as Hayes Garden Centre, we tackle the 400 foot climb to Jenkin Crag. Short stretches of this are moderately steep and a bit rocky but well within our capabilities, and we have plenty of time to reach the top for lunch. We will have extensive views over Windermere on the next gentle climb to Skelghyll Farm. From here we descend to the lakeside at the Watersports Centre, and return to Waterhead by the road and Jenkin Field. More pleasant level paths through Borrans Park and meadowland bring us back to Ambleside.
Easy Leader: Denise Holden
We will be starting the walk at the Market Place Clock Tower in the centre of Ambleside. A short gentle climb will lead us into the Stock Ghyll woods, where we will follow the path to the waterfalls.
The majority of the walk is fairly flat, with just the odd slight hill. As we go through the wood at Roundhall Farm, watch out for the turkey roaming around!! From here it is a slow descent down hill, ending at Low Sweden Bridge.
We will have plenty of time to enjoy a blueberry scone and coffee before returning to the coach.


Strenuous Leader: Jackie Gudgeon     Distance: 10 miles
We will need a 10 minute walk along the road to get out of Settle in the direction of Giggleswick, when we join a rising track through woodland and then past a large working quarry before following a pleasant track along Giggleswick Scar with lovely views over Ribblesdale and the Bowland Hills. We then circle round via Feizor Thwaite to join the path into Little Stainforth and Stainforth. (lunch at the falls?). From Stainforth we have a climb to Catrigg Force, and another to Jubilee Cave, from where we follow rocky path past Victoria Cave, Attermire Scar and Warrendale Knots. Then a final climb up and over back to Settle.
We will not achieve any great height on this walk, but there are plenty of ups and downs to qualify it as STRENUOUS.
Moderate Leader: Bob Jones     Distance: 9 miles
This is a delightful walk where wonderful views abound. The only downside is that these views must be earned by an early climb onto the fells. This is quite hard, but will be undertaken with at least one rest break.
Leaving Settle on a bridle path to Langcliffe, then up onto the fells heading for 'Catrigg Force' waterfall, where we will probably have lunch. We then head for Langcliffe Scar, the home of Jubilee, Victoria, and Attermire Caves (viewing Victoria is available). We then round Sugar Loaf Hill, noting the unusual profile of Warrendale Knotts (make up your own mind). Then a short climb and descent into Settle, where assorted delights await.
Leisurely Leader: Margery Howe     Distance : 7 miles approx.
From Settle we climb Castle Hill with good views of Giggleswick en route, then through fields above Langcliffe and disused quarries to High Winskill Farm for lunch at Catrigg Force. After lunch we descend Goat Scar Lane to Stainforth, for a toilet stop if required. Across the packhorse bridge dating from 1670 now owned by the National Trust, to Stainforth Force, followed by a pleasant route back to Settle along the Ribble Way past weirs at Langcliffe and Settle.
Extra Leisurely Walk Leader: Derek Lee     Distance: 6.5 miles
We will cross the river to Giggleswick, then have a steady climb of 400 ft to the edge of Giggleswick Scar. There are wide views of the country from here, as well as of the huge quarry! Care will be needed on parts of the limestone pavement. We have to walk the length of the Scar before crossing the moor via Feizor Thorpe and dropping down to the riverside again at Stackhouse. From here we will follow the river back to Settle.
Easy Leader: Sue Beeley     Distance: 5.5 miles
We will start the walk today from the centre of Settle, and then walk towards Langcliffe. After about 1 mile we will have a bit of a climb but it will be worth it, the views at the top are lovely. At this point we are heading towards Victoria Cave. For those who wish there is a rough path up to the entrance of the cave and an information board. However you are not allowed in. The scenery today is outstanding - hope you have brought your cameras, and enjoy the walk.


Strenuous Leader: Jean Thomas     Distance: 9 miles
Chipping - Saddle End Farm - Saddle Fell - Wolf Fell - Fair Snape fell (510 m) - Parlick (432 m) - Fell Foot - Chipping.

A steady climb on to Saddle Fell and a good path ove r Wolf Fell to the stone shelter on Fair Snape Fell. If the weather is clear the views are wonderful overlooking Morecambe Bay and the Lake District. Now it's a bit of a pull to get to the top of Parlick, and a very steep descent down to Fell Foot. The paths back to Chipping are reasonably flat.

Moderate Leader: Maurice Hall     Distance: 8.5 miles
Out of the village we walk along Green Lane (1/4 mile - single file please) to Townley Moss Wood (teeming with Redshank) heading north to Lickhurst Farm and on to Burnslack (muddy). Prior rain we cross stream over real stepping stones. Moving down to Saddle End Farm to Chipping Lawn for bridle path return. No hills, only gradients (honestly!).
Leisurely Leader: Irene Wilcock & Dianne Pennington     Distance : 7 miles
We start with a short walk on the road and then on slight uphill field paths and good tracks to take in the lovely views of the surrounding area as we make our way to Higher Greystoneley. The walk continues on to Lickhurst Farm, Park Gate and finally Wolfen Hall before heading back to Chipping.
Easy Leader: Hazel Anderton     Distance: 5 miles
A fairly easy walk mainly over grass fields with good views of Longridge Fell. On route we skirt Townley Moss Woods and pass the Gibbon Bridge Hotel. We will also stop at a pub, The Dog & Partridge, to set us up for the last part of the walk. The downside is that there are quite a few stiles, but only one is a bit awkward.


Strenuous Leader: Rowland Nock     Distance: 10 miles
Our walk today starts from the memorial gardens near the boat marina. From here we follow the Rochdale Canal to the Callis Community Gardens. From here we pick up the Pennine Way, via the old chapel, on to Heptonstall Moor. We then descend into the gem that is Hebden Dale to the impressive 19th century Gibson Cotton Mill, now owned by the National Trust. From here we head north following the west bank of Hebden Water, returning on the east bank via Hardcastle Crags, through Hebden Wood. We continue following the river via New Bridge, joining the "Haworth to Hebden Bridge Walk" which eventually takes us back to Hebden Bridge, for some well earned tea and tiffin.
Moderate Leader: Jackie Gudgeon     Distance: 8.5 miles
Hebden Bridge, Lee Wood, Midge Hole, Hebden Dale, Hardcastle Crags, Walshaw, Horodiddle, Middle Dean, New Bridge, Hebden Bridge.
A walk of contrasts as we dip in and out of the wooded valleys and over moorland. Mostly good moorland tracks and woodland trails. Some good views, weather permitting.
Leisurely Leader: Derek Lee     Distance : 7 miles
Today's walk takes us straight up to Edge End Moor and round the hill to Higham before dropping down to the canal at Holmcoat Bridge, returning mostly on the canal towpath.
Easy Leader: Hazel Anderton & Cynthia Prescott     Distance: 3.5 miles
The walk takes us through quite a bit of woodland along the river bank and is fairly flat apart from the occasional short uphill bit, including a flight of steps, and an uneven downhill bit as the path moves away from the river and back. But there are no stiles! The walk is short as we came across a few problems with we recce'd and got back to town fairly late. However, if we return to Bebden Bridge with plenty of time to spare we could take a short stroll down to the canal area which is supposed to be nice.

LOGGERHEADS : 26TH October 2008

Strenuous Leader: Rowland Nock     Distance: 11 miles
Our walk today starts from Loggerheads Country Park heading out along the banks of the River Alyn, commonly known as the Leete. We then head off towards Cilcain, from where we make a gradual assent up onto the Clwydian Range. We then follow the ridge southeast onto the summit of Moel Fammau, hopefully taking in the spectactular views of the Vale of Clwyd from the Jubilee Tower. From here we will skirt the Clwyd Forest, slowly descending back to the River Alyn, returning to our starting point for some well deserved tea and tiffin.
Moderate Leader: Philomena Walker     Distance: 7 miles
Moel Findeg (1200 ft) - Maeshafn - Big Covert Wood. There are two quite steep climbs on this walk and care will need to be taken on the descent from Moel Findeg. We follow the leete path and take the steps up to the top of the limestone cliff to enjoy the view, before crossing into Colomendy Outdoor Education Centre and through to Aberduna Farm. Then towards Gwynermynydd and cut along path beside some houses (the stile here is a bit tricky) before climbing a rather steep slope to cross the stile at the top. A stile in the wall will take us down a lane towards Bryngwyn Farm - passing through the farm we make our way up to the peak of Moel Findeg. The views here are superb and, weather permitting, a well deserved rest, possibly lunch. Then descend (carefully) into Maeshafn village and into the Big Covert Wood. Out of the woods, and across Penr y Bryn and lane and path back to Loggerheads.
Leisurely Leader: Sue Daniels     Distance : 7 miles
This walk takes us along the river path from the Loggerheads car park and information centre. The path is quite muddy if it has been raining and there is a steep drop to the left on some parts, so take care! We make our way over to Cilcain, then a bit of road walking, when amble over the fields heading for Panymwyn. We take the path through a caravan park and head for the golf course (possible pub stop). We finish up back on the river path which we started on. So all in all, a quite gentle walk with possible one steep climb before we go through the caravan park.
Easy Leader: Norma Carmichael     Distance: approx 6 miles
Although this walk has not been recce'd, it will take the route towards the falls and is mostly flat..


Strenuous Leader: Rowland Nock     Distance: 11 miles
From the car park we head off towards the River Ribble via the Roman Museum and the church. We then take a circular route round Ribchester gaining height all the time, giving splendid views of the Ribble Valley. We then head off in a north-easterly direction towards our highest point Crowshaw Lodge (reservoir) via Duddel Wood, Dutton Hall and Hudd Lee Wood. We then slowly descend to the beautiful banks of the River Ribble via the village of Hurst Green. From here we will pick up the 'Ribble Way' which will then take us back to Ribchester via the Roman Baths, for some tea and tiffin.
Can I please ask you to bear in mind that when I planned this walk there were some very muddy places with the ground being wet and slippy generally. This type of terrain can be tiring. Good waterproof boots are essential, preferably with gaiters. I do not want to put anyone off, but can I ask you to bear my comment in mind carefully before you join this walk.
Moderate Leader: Peter Denton     Distance: 8 miles
After leaving Ribchester by way of Stonebridge, we pick up the 'Ribble Way' for approx. 1 mile; we then head into the countryside. This walk is a ramble through all manner of terrain, through woodland, across little streams, over stiles, up and over hills. If we get lucky we may be able to find some mud to fill our boots. Then back to a local hostelry for refreshment and a tall tale of how the adventure, led by a virgin leader, did unfold.
Leisurely Leader: Derek Lee     Distance : 7 miles
This walk takes us north west from Ribchester over field paths and hard surfaces via Parsonage Farm and Lower Cockhill Farm to Alston Reservoirs, before we turn down Hathersall Lane to join the Ribble Way at Hathersall Lodge Outdoor Centre for a riverside walk back to Ribchester. Most of the ascent of nearly 500 feet is a very gradual gradient, but also very muddy.
Easy Leader: Sue Daniels     Distance: 4-5 miles
I have not been able to recce the walk but I intend taking us on a short amble of around 4-5 miles, and then strolling around Ribchester's Roman Fort, Bathhouse and Museum. As usual there will also be time to sample the local delights in the tearooms.


Strenuous Leader: Dag Griffiths     Distance: 12 miles
The first part of today's walk is on a section of the 34 mile long Sandstone Trail which links Frodsham and Whitchurch. Our section begins close to Higher Burwardsley from where we head south through the Peckforton Hills gaining some height at Bulkeley Hill before reaching the highest point of the Sandstone Trail, Rawhead 227m (746ft). Weather permitting, from the trail we should get good views over the Cheshire countryside to North Wales on one side and to the Peak District to the east. We leave the trail just south of Chiflik Farm and make our way to Beeston and it's castle via the village of Bulkeley on a combination of paths, fields, and lanes past the other side of the Peckforton Hills from where we should catch a glimpse of Jodrell Bank. As we near Beeston we skirt Peckforton Mere with more good views of Peckforton Castle (a 19th century fake!) and Beeston Castle (early 13th century). At Beeston Castle we rejoin the Sandstone Trail and head south back to Higher Burwardsley. Although there is no great height in this walk, the ground underfoot can be quite heavy going and tiring in places.
Moderate Leader: Sue Daniels     Distance: 8.2 miles
Peckforton and Bulkeley Hills. From the Cheshire Workshops the route takes a narrow lane past the Pheasant Inn (where we will hopefully be able to sample a drink or two at the end of the walk) before heading along field tracks towards Peckforton Castle and on to Beeston Moss. We then take a short walk on more lanes heading towards Higher Burwardsley. We follow more field paths and then climb over one of the gaps in the hill to a high level route reaching the top of Bulkeley Hill with goods views as far as the Shropshire Hills. We then carry on down more lanes and tracks and head back towards the workshops.
Leisurely Leader: Derek Lee     Distance : 7 miles
We start with a loop round wooded Bulkeley Hill, rewarded with fine views from the top after a 300 ft climb. Then a long descent to the bottom of the hill on field paths and roads, and on to Beeston village and castle before climbing back 350 ft through the woods on the Sandstone Trail to the Candle Factory.
Easy Leader: Bernie Platts & Denise Holden     Distance: 5 miles
The route we are taking is the Rawhead Circular Walk and is approx. 5 miles, which will include some of the Sandstone Trail. There will be some climbing, but it is worth it for the spectacular views of the Cheshire Plains. It was quite muddy when we did the reccy, but hopefully if won't be as bad today.

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