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Strenuous Leader : Rowland Nock     Distance: 13 miles
From Ramsbottom we head out north along the Sculpture Trail to Stubbins following the River Irwell and the East Lancs Railway. From here we head off up through Stubbins Wood and then north heading gradually onto Holcombe Moor. We then follow the Rossendale Way as far as Musden Head, taking in some spectacular views on National Trust land. From here we wend our way round via Crowthorn and Larke Hill returning gently down to Ramsbottom for some well earned tea and tiffin.
Please note that when I planned this walk a week ago it was extremely wet and there were some very muddy patches. Hopefully things have now improved but I would ask you to bear this is mind and make sure you have adequate footwear and, if possible, a change of clothes. Although this walk is relatively long, there is not a great deal of ascent bearing in mind the distance.
Moderate Leader : Chris Cox     Distance : 9 miles
Assuming the Army don't go on a training exercise, this is the route! We leave Ramsbottom on the Irwell Valley Way and, via Brooksbottoms and Peel Walk, we climb up to Peel Tower. Heading over Harcles Hill to Pilgrims Cross, we enter Holcombe Moor which is apparently a TA training ground. Assuming the weather is good, there are good views across the valley and over towards Rivington. Travelling down off the moor via Beetle Hill and Pleasant View Farm, we reach Raven Shore, and turn back to Ramsbottom. The last leg of the walk follows the River Irwell, back to town. The paths can be very muddy in places and it can also be fairly windy on the hillside, but that just adds to the fun!!?
Easy Leader: No info available.


Strenuous Leader : Jackie Gudgeon     Distance: 11 miles
We will set off from Devils Bridge to follow quiet lanes, tracks and field paths as far as Cowan Bridge, when we will follow the path along the Leck Beck to East Gill Kirk. After crossing Leck Beck we follow a bridle way as far as Bull Pot Farm, passing several pot holes along the way. We then take a minor road for three quarters of a mile before taking a track which shoulders Brownthwaite Pike with lovely views over the Leck valley and beyond, then dropping down to Fellfoot Road (track) which we follow back through High Casterton and on to Kirkby Lonsdale for a welcome cuppa. Could be quite boggy on the moorland tracks.
Moderate Leader : Keith Taylor     Distance : 8 miles
From Devils Bridge we walk to Whoop Hall Inn, Fleets Lane (track), Ponds Wood to Garth. Returning through Casterton to Kirkby Lonsdale. Will be very muddy, especially for the first part across fields.
Easy Leader: Denise Holden & Bernie Platts     Distance: Approx. 5 miles
A varied walk through farmland and a small village. Excellent views of the River Lune. Some road walking. There is a steep climb at the beginning. At the time of doing the recce, it was very muddy and slippy underfoot.


Strenuous Leader: Rowland Nock     Distance: 10.5 miles
From the car park we head out across the grounds of Bolton Priory and initially follow the Dales Way besides the beautiful River Wharfe to Posforth Bridge. From here we make our way up Posforth Gill and into The Valley of Desolation (please don't let this put you off, it's really really nice). We gently continue our climb onto Barden Fell, finally arriving at Simons Seat to take in the spectacular views overlooking Appletreewick and beyond. Our path then descends gradually to Howgill where we rejoin the Dales Way with a leisurely stroll along the sparkling waters of the River Wharfe taking in Barden Bridge, The Strid, and the Old Pavilion. Finally, we return to the Abbey, where we can reflect on the day with a well-earned tea and tiffin.
Moderate Leader: Maurice Hall     Distance : 8 miles
We join the River Wharfe to walk the Dales Way to Barden Bridge, leaving the river at the stepping stones over to Howgill Beck. Crossing Lower Fell Plantation and Land Plantation to Valley of Desolation, then on to Posforth Bridge to rejoin the River Wharfe on to Cavendish Memorial and Bolton Abbey.
Easy Leader: Helen & Sue     Distance: approx: 5 miles
We will start our walk from Bolton Abbey by taking the trail that takes us besides the beautiful River Wharfe (hope you have brought bread for the ducks!). From our starting point we will see magnificent views of the Priory. We will walk beside the river, heading towards the narrow gorge at the spectacular Strid. We will then continue to follow the path up into Strid Wood. After lunch we will cross over the river and continue to take in the lovely scenery.


Note we are offering four walks today, which we hope will reduce the numbers on the regular Moderate walk, and also give some of the more able Easy walkers the chance of a little extra challenge. If this works out well, we will hopefully be able to make this a regular thing, depending of course on whether or not we can get an extra leader. Your feedback will be much appreciated.
Strenuous Leader : Jackie Gudgeon     Distance: 11 miles
From Grassington we head off down to the River Wharfe for a pleasant stroll along the river to Hebden. Up Hebden Gill, through old lead mine workings to eventually emerge back into limestone country at Bare House. Down to join the Dales Way which we take in the direction of Grassington, bearing off through Grass Wood where we have a choice of either dropping down to the river again, or entering Grassington by briefly joining the Dales way again. A good varied walk with lovely views of Wharfedale.
Moderate Leader: Jim & Ramlah Eaton     Distance : 8 miles
The walk starts from the cobblestone square of Grassington village and takes us out over Grassington Moor. A very pleasant route then follows, through rugged countryside, shaped by a mix of agriculture and ancient leadmining. Over stiles and across stony fields to a pretty beck where we follow a miners track alongside the water. We will find much evidence of the old lead mining along the way. We eventually reach a picnic area for a break or lunch, depending on the time. Further on we see more and more mining remains, spoil heaps, lime kilns and derelect 17th century mine works. A good days walk which ends back at the village for the great little cafes and pubs Grassington is famous for.
Alternative 'Easier' Moderate Leader: Derek Lee     Distance: 7 miles
This walk is, at 7 miles. a little shorter than the Moderate and involves only 700 feet of ascent, half the usual height climbed on the Moderate walk. There are no steep hills but plenty of stiles in the morning. We start by crossing the river to Threshfield, then through farmland before climbing westwards up to our highest point on Backstone Edge with views to the north and back to Grassington. From here we cross the exposed Linton Moor before turning opposite the workings of Swinden Quarry to return to Grassington, with a stop in the pretty village of Linton on the way.
Easy Leader: Nancy Rencontre     Distance: 4.5 miles
A 'flowers and views' walk alongside the River Wharfe, pasing Linton Falls and continuing along the Dales Way. Easy walk with one slight climb.


Strenuous Leader: Selwyn Williams     Distance: 10 miles (2750 ft)
Exelsior (for the benefit of those fortunate enough not to have suffered Latin at school, it means Uppards) and there's a lot of that today - Helvellyn the target and Striding Edge the route. Over to Wainwright: "Striding Edge is the finest ridge there is in Lakeland for walkers - its traverse is always an exhilarating adventure in fair weather or foul, and it can be made easy or difficult according to choice. The danger of accident is present only when a high wind is blowing or when the rocks are iced. In a mist on a calm day, the edge is a really fascinating place". So there you have it. Just how much more fun can you have standing up?
Moderate Leader: Jim Eaton     Distance : 8 miles
From the car park we make our way towards Ullswater and stroll for half a mile along the beautiful banks. Sad to say we have to leave the lake behind us and cross the busy main road, so great care is needed. Once safely across we start a long, steady climb, up to a hill known as "Sheffield Pike". We plan to do this ascent in nice easy stages with plenty of rest stops, so we can get our breath back and enjoy the views of Ullswater below us. At the top it can be quite windy, even on good days - so be warned! Windy or not we make our way towards an old open quarrying area where we may do lunch. From here we get onto a rugged and stony part of the famous Wainwright Way to begin our descent back to Glenridding and its cafes and pub.
Alternative 'Easier' Moderate Leader: Derek Lee     Distance: 7 miles
Today's walk takes us on a circuit of Grisedale valley. After a sharp 150 ft climb on the road out of Glenridding, we follow a gently climbing path along the south side of the valley close to the river for two miles, before facing up to a rocky 300 ft ascent to the head of the valley - worth it for the views although the village and lake are hidden by the curve of the valley. The return path on the north side stays higher up the hillside and gives a completely different view of the valley. Before returning to the village, we have another 150 ft climb up to the pretty Lanty's Tarn and a stunning view of the lake and village from the hilltop towering 400 ft right above the village. The last lap is the descent to Rattlebeck Bridge and a sheltered riverside walk back to Glenridding.
Easy Leader: Ruth Melling & Hazel Anderton     Distance: 4 - 5 miles
From the car park, up through the village. Slow steady climb beside the brook to the mine workings. Crossing the bridge, then walking along the aqueduct above the stream. Georgous views across the lake and down the valley. Following the path round Lanty's Tarn, down through the wood, and back to Glenridding.


Strenuous Leader: Jackie Gudgeon     Distance: 11 miles
Hartington - Highfield Lane to Biggin - Tissington Trail - Coldeaton Bridge - River Dove - Milldale - Stanshope - Alstonefield - Narrowdale - Beresford Dale - Hartington.
Highs and Lows - Dales and hilltop villages. Gradual climb out of Hartington to reach the village of Biggin from where we cross fields to join the Tissington Trail for about a mile and a half, before dropping down through a rocky dale to reach the River Dove at Coldeaton Bridge. A pleasant walk along the river to reach Milldale (ice cream) then a climb up to Stanshope - down and up again to Alstonefield (pub - if time). Fairly level or down hill after this, back into Hartington.
Moderate Leader: Maurice Hall     Distance : 8 miles
Hartington - Beresford Dale - Narrowdale Hill - Alstonefield - Coldeaton Bridge - Wolfescote Dale - Reynards Lane - Hartington.
Plenty of ups and downs, but none too strenuous except a steep descent from Alstonefield down to Coldeaton Bridge. Mostly firm underfoot, but could be some long wet grass. A beautiful walk which includes two of the loveliest Peak District villages, one on the Derbyshire side and the other on the Staffordshire side of the River Dove. Outstanding sweeping views from the higher points and some long stretches of glorious riverside.
Leisurely Leader: Derek Lee     Distance 8 miles
Please note the walk will leave the coach at the old Hartington Station at the top of the hill before the village. A longer but easier walk this month with no hills worthy of the name - although there are a few uphill stretches. We start with easy walking on the Tissington Trail before cutting across field paths to Greenhead and Coldeaton. From here there is a steep grassy descent followed by a stony gradual descent to Coldeaton Bridge where we can take a late lunch with the ducks. Then we return to Hartington on the well known path through Wolfescote and Beresford Dales.
Easy Leader: Philomena Walker     Distance: 5.5 miles
Easy grassy hills, tracks and lanes. Two short steep ascents. We take the path to the River Dove, crossing into Staffordshire, and up a steep bank to top edge of a wood. Rest and enjoy fine views of the valley. Continue to Harris Close Farm. With Sheen Hill behind us we descend gradually to the "Salt Road", crossing back over the River Dove to Pilsbury Castle and lunch. A pleasant lane leads back towards Hartington village. A left turn before the mill will take us past the Lummucks (remains of old lead mine), from where the view north west beyond Pilsbury to Hitter, Chrome and Parkhouse Hills is lovely and worth the effort. Continue across stony fields and grassy paths past Bank Top Farm to road into Hartington, having hopefully saved some crumbs for the ducks!


Strenuous Leader: Rowland Nock     Distance: 9.5 miles
From the car park we head out to Hanlith Hall via Aire Head where we pick up the Pennine Way. From Mires Barn we head up through the beautiful Janet's Foss and into Gordale Scar. Please note that the path up Gordale Scar is very steep and will involve a short scramble on good handholds. Please think twice about going on this walk if you feel this is too difficult for you. From here we head out across limestone pavements to Malham Tarn and return via Tarn Foot and Watlowes. We finally arrive at the head of Malham Cove and descend back to Malham. Hopefully, we will all have time for a cuppa or even a pint on our return.
Moderate Leader: Jim Eaton     Distance : 8 miles
The walk starts from the Malham car park. We cross the village High St and note the pub and cafe as we do. Then we cross the River Aire and head south following the Pennine Way, passing through the tiny village of Hanlith and then on to Calton. Here we leave the Pennine Way and follow the lane towards Calton Moor. A gentle ascent follows up to Weets Top. Somewhere along this route, if it's not too windy, we stop for lunch, otherwise we seek walled shelter on the top. After lunch we make our way steeply down to Janets Foss, a pleasant wooded area with a nice waterfall. Then we follow the path back to Malham for Pubs and Pies, Cafes and Cakes.
Leisurely Leader: Irene Wilcock & Dianne Pennington     Distance 6.5 miles
A pleasant walk to Janet's Foss and Gordale Scar and a return to Gordale Bridge. We then have a steady climb up Hawthorns Lane to reach Weets Top (superb views). The downward path takes us over Hanlith Moor - could be muddy - along Windy Pike Lane and down to Hanlith Bridge. Finally, we follow the path by the river back to Malham.
Easy Leader: Margery Howe     Distance: 5 miles
Malham - Gordale Beck to Janets Foss - Gordale Scar (to view only) - Gordale Bridge. Short climb from bridge up and over to the Cove across fields, Malham Cove (limestone pavement, alternative route if pavement is found to be too testing). Descend by steps to riverside path back to Malham.


Strenuous Leader: John Potter     Distance: 11 miles
11 miles at a steady pace. Walkers are requested not to charge ahead of the leader.
The first part of the walk will cover varied ground on the way up to Llyn Elsi passing Clogwyn Gigfran and the farmstead at Mynydd Bychan. The following parts will lead to the Roman Bridge to cross Afon Llugwy and ramble through the northern parts of the Gwydyr Forest for the return to Betws y Coed by way of Pencraig and Cyrau. Have a nice day!
Moderate Leader: Terry Dunn     Distance :
No details available.
Leisurely Leader: Derek Lee     Distance 6.5 miles
The walk starts with a 650 foot climb to Llyn Parc, mostly easy walking but with one rocky section requiring care. Then a lakeside walk and lunch before we traverse an undulating landscape of meadows and woods leading to a long descent to Miners Bridge, again including some spots calling for great care. Finally, a riverside walk back to Betws-y-Coed.
Easy Leader: Nancy Rencontre     Distance:
No details available.


Strenuous Leader: Jackie Gudgeon     Distance: 10 miles
Today we are going to study the valley which contains Church Stretton from both sides. First we will climb Caer Caradoc (very steep but shortish climb) then we will cross over the A49 to tackle the Long Mynd via All Stretton, Long Batch, and Carding Mill Valley. A good varied walk with stunning views, weather permitting.
Moderate Leader: Chris Cox     Distance : 8 miles
Train Station - Cunnery Road - The Owlets - Little Stretton Camp Site - Callow Hill - Cross Dyke - Round Hill - Pole Bank - Shooting Box - Jack Mytton Way - Carding Mill Valley - minor road back to Church Stretton.
A journey to the top of the Long Mynd! The high point is called Pole Bank, 516m (1652ft). fortunately, we start off at about 200m, so only 316m to climb. The paths are good, but there are one or two steep sections which provide an opportunity to look behind and enjoy the view. The return walk through Carding Mill Valley takes us through a narrow path between the steep Shropshire hills back to Church Stretton. We should be back in time for a tea and scone, or possibly something stronger..
Leisurely Leader: Ruth Melling & Hazel Anderton     Distance 7 miles
A very pleasant varied walk with good views most of the way as we go across fields, down lanes, through woods and over a bracken covered moor. After leaving town we skirt Helmeth and Hazler Hills, gradually rising up to the top of Ragleth Hill. Here, weather permitting, we can tarry a while to enjoy the splendid 360 degree panoramic views. We then drop down hill, re cross the main road, and go through the hamlet of Little Stretton, where there are some lovely old buildings, before making our way back to town along the foothills of the Long Mynd.
Easy Leader: Sue Daniels
I have not been able to do a pre-walk for today, but I intend to take the group over to All Stretton and then follow lanes and pathways towards Leebotwood. We can judge how far we can go on the day.


Strenuous Leader: Jimmy Need     Distance: 11 miles
We start today's walk by making our way past the lake. Then, don't laugh, we make our way up Benny Hill towards Blackstone edge. From here we follow the Pennine Way over past Windy Hill then down towards Piethorn Reservoir which then leads on to Ogden Reservoir. We then skirt Spinney Woods before making our way back to the lake via Rakewood Viaduct.
Moderate Leader: Philomena Walker     Distance : 8.75 miles
A steady climb to a rocky ridge (Blackstone Edge). We start out from the visitor centre, through birch woods, past Owlet Hall; paths here can be a bit neglected but following path above stream flanked by thorn bushes we come to Shore Lane Farm. The upward pull starts from lane alongside farm house and continues along well worn Roman road, up to the Aiggin Stone. Here we will have a well earned rest and decide on where to have lunch (depending on the weather). We can sit on the rocks or find shelter. Apart from a patch of rough moorland, the descent is on paths and tracks, taking in some lovely views along the way. At Hollingworth Fold we go down the lane towards the lakeside and pick up the path around Hollingworth Lake. If rain, the rocks at Blackstone Edge will be slippery, so extra care will need to be taken there.
Leisurely Leader: Derek Lee     Distance 7 miles
We leave the Visitor Centre via the Country Park, gradually climbing 400 feet as we turn south on the Pennine Bridleway along the slopes of Clegg Moor with views to the west over the Lake. After crossing the M62 we have another, stiffer, 300 ft climb up Nicholas Pike and then turn west overlooking Ogden Reservoir. From here it is mostly downhill through Tunshill to the southern shore of the lake, ending with a lakeside walk back to the Visitor Centre.
Easy Leader: Berni Platts     Distance: 4.5 - 5 miles
We start at the Visitor Centre and walk towards Ealees and through Cleggs Wood. We then pick up the canal path at Littleborough and walk to Smithybridge where there is a slight incline. We are going to stop here for our lunch break, overlooking the lake. After our lunch break we will finish our walk following the path around the lake back to the Visitor centre.


Strenuous Leader: Jackie Gudgeon     Distance: 11 miles
After escaping from the streets of Prestatyn we follow Offa's Dyke Path up onto the Prestatyn Hillside Nature Reserve with fantastic views over the sea, before descending to Bryniau. Then across fields to Marian Mill and on to Marian Ffrith, the highest point of the walk at 240 metres. Although a modest hill in North Wales terms, this eminence affords us (weather permitting) wide ranging views over the surrounding countryside and out to sea. We will then circle round, mainly on quiet lanes, to Dyserth to view the famous waterfall, before joining the North Wales Path back to Prestatyn. Not a great height gain, but ups and downs.
Moderate Leader:
No Leader for a Moderate Walk today unfortunately.
Leisurely Leader: Sue Daniels     Distance: 7 miles
From the bus station we join the North Wales Path which has good views part way along looking over Liverpool Bay and surrounding area. We amble along this path for approx. 2 miles then leave the path and visit the waterfall at Dyserth (probably have lunch here). After leaving Dyserth we join the Clwydian Way for a short while before taking the Offa's Dyke Path homeward bound. We will walk about 3 miles of its actual 177 miles (it runs from Prestatyn to Sedbury Cliffs near Chepstow).
Easy Leader: Sue Beeley     Distance : 4.5 miles
During our walk today we will walk along the Prestatyn-Dyserth Way, stopping at the waterfall for lunch. It is a surfaced path along the old railway line. This disused railway was used to transport mining and quarry products from 1869 until the mid 20th century. The walk will mainly be flat, however there is one hill (sorry about this).


Strenuous Leader: Jackie Gudgeon     Distance: 10 miles
Today, weather permitting, we will climb Pendle Hill, via the Lower and Upper Ogden Reservoirs and ascending via Boar Clough. After reaching the trig point at 577 metres, hopefully enjoying panoramic views, we descend in a northerly direction towards Downham. Upon reaching and crossing the Downham-Barley road we have fields and rivers to cross until we reach a minor lane at Annel Cross Moor. From here we can take several options depending on time, weather and inclination, to drop down to the Black Moss Reservoirs and back to Barley. Plenty of mud!
Moderate Leader: Ramlah Eaton     Distance: About 8 miles
Leaving the Barley car park in a westerly direction we aim at Pendle Hill (in order to frighten those who haven't read the notes), then, having not bothered to go up Pendle Hill, we make our way towards a local reservoir, which we skirt round, then through some muddy farm fields towards Barrowford. On route we will find a nice area to sit down for lunch. Eventually we will find our way back to the car park and a very good pub that does teas and sandwiches as well as ale and crisps.
Leisurely Leader: Joan McGlinchey     Distance : 7 miles
From the car park we start off to the east following the Witches Trail. We continue on the Witches Trail until Thorney Holme when we cut across the countryside to join it again at Newchurch. Here you will be able to see St Mary's Church/Eye of God and the witches' graves. After a short while we start to follow the Pendle Way which takes us through Fell Wood, at the end of which we leave the Pendle Way to walk alongside Lower Ogden reservoir and back to the car park. The walk has a few hills and descents and can be muddy in places.
Easy Leader: Sue Daniels     Distance: 6 miles
Our walk will begin with a brew and a bacon bap as there are (usually) refreshments available in the car park visitor centre. We then amble along the path through Boohtman Wood heading for the village of Roughlee. Leaving here we join the Pendle Way and carry on to Barrowford where we can have luinch and take time to visit the Pendle Heritage Centre which has a Parlour Shop, Garden Tea room, and walled garden. On the way back we again take the Pendle Way and relaxingly make our way back to the coach.
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